17. 8. 2020

Let´s get into Aztecs culture with laser games

What is it, that impresses you about the Aztec culture? Is it the fact, that over 25 emperors were able to take over the most strategic and important cities and create the great empire? Or is it the culture itself, when everything is connected to the gods, so the religion and the politics is one entity and it does not divide? The morals, when a code is also created by space rules and divine power, is interesting not less than the image of the culture. If you look at the way Aztecs were creating their sculptures, buildings or just the way they looked. You can feel this savagery and rawness that give it off. Very important and significant thing, that appears all over Aztec´s culture, are motives. Motives were very important for them and as for us the art is nowadays, the motives substituted everything.


If you love the atmosphere of Aztec culture, you should come and feel it on your skin. In laser fun Prague, you can enjoy one of the arenas, that is made in Aztec style and the fun is in between the Aztec ruins. Even if you are not a fan of Aztec culture, we are sure you are going to fall in love in very first minutes.

You can also choose labyrinth arena, where the fun might be slightly different. If you are a little bit claustrophobic or slightly tend to get anxious or panic attacked when in narrow never ending space, then choose the first possibility of arena.


But when you decide for labyrinth, we can guarantee, you are going to love the way we play. In both arenas you can choose from games such as agents, death match or other games for beginners. If you are an intermediate, you might suit to games like challenge, king of the hills or zombies. We also have something for an experts – the game called team death match with shield and ammo is well suited for the team, who already played a few games and are able to use a shield and ammo – and this is not easy!

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